For Rocas & Design, Nightlife Production designed, installed and programmed a new Control & Audio System for the boat ride “Ragna Rok” in TusenFryd Norway.

Show Control

The system consists of multiple zones for music and sound effects, a microphone for announcements in different zones, and a control panel for adjustments and operations. The sensors along the ride are read by the Show Controller, who in turn starts the right soundtracks in the right scenes. The Show Controller is also linked to a Symetrix Radius DSP, which handles the microphone commands that it receives from the Show Controller.


The Symetrix Radius allows clients to adjust the volumes in the installation without breaking anything. The reliable and high-quality JBL AV25 is the star of these scenes. These speakers are suitable for the extreme weather conditions that occur in this region, and they sound perfect in both low as well as high volumes. The installation is set as a 70v installation to overcome the long cable distances. However, parts of the system are set in stereo, which is rare for these kinds of installations.


As with all our projects, we are in direct contact with the installation in Norway from our office in the Netherlands. If anything happens or if our client requires assistance, we deliver support from a distance to solve the problem.