Brace yourself for a mesmerizing 70-second ride! You are catapulted back and forth three times while the speed accelerates and you experience three extraordinary sensations: gliding, flying and a freefall towards water! This surprising premiere awaits you in Walibi in 2016. This new attraction guarantees an unforgettable experience that you’d love to share with family and friends.

Nightlife and Pulsar

Nightlife Productions installs all lighting, sound and video effects for the attraction Pulsar, commissioned by Jora Entertainment. In advance, all elements are prepared by the technical department of Nightlife Productions. On location, the team of Nightlife takes a few days to install the prepared elements and other on-site affairs.


Through the effects, a real energy reactor is recreated with a pulsating heart that seems to fuel the ride. All effects are programmed by Nightlife to create this image and ensure a spectacular experience.