A huge deserted mansion. Years ago, the family Jefferson died here mysteriously. According to rumors, the Jeffersons evoked spirits. Are these rumors correct and was this their fatal mistake?
Walibi Holland’s newest haunted house is an immense success and a great addition for the yearly Halloween Fright Nights. This new haunted house is more realistic and scarier than its predecessors. Based on the concept of Walibi Holland, Nightlife Productions designed all audio/video, light and show control elements. Within four weeks, Nightlife installed and programmed 28 speakers, 88 LED fixtures, and 8 foggers.

Concept and Realization

A haunted house starts with a worthy concept. For this production, we worked together with Walibi Holland and her set designers to optimize the audiovisual plan for the intended experience. Instead of using tunes, realistic sound effects in combination with clever placement of speakders and lighting were used. The squeaking of a staircase or the sound of thunder outside the room in the haunted house were synchronized with light. This is an example of how we create an experience as realistically as possible.

Scare Trigger

One of our formulas is using a “Scare Trigger”, or in other words a button that is linked to a synchronous sound fragment and a light or stroboscope. The actor pushes this button to scare visitors. Usually, effects like air or trapdoors are trigged by this as well. When the Scare Trigger has done its job, the regular show automatically restarts, ready for its next victim.

Control Room

Jefferson Manor opens eleven nights per year. When the haunted house is open, it can absolutely not fail due to a technical defect. For this reason, the Control Room is placed centrally in the building. If a speaker is defect, this can be replaced without visitors noticing it. Technically, the control functions are very simple and options are limited to start, stop and emergency stop.

Atmosphere or Maintenance

Due to the use of LED lighting, there is less need for maintenance to these haunted houses. Nightlife Productions has a diverse assortment of LED lighting and dimmers.
Jefferson Manor is designed in a black-and-white theme with cool, white light and a bleak atmosphere. That is why we opted for an LED color temperature of 6000 Kelvin. On the contrary, the Scare Trigger is red, which makes the scare effect even bigger.