Dance Dance Dance is a spectacular dance show on the Dutch TV channel RTL 4. Dutch celebrities dance with their lover, a family member or a coworker and copy the most iconic music videos! A sensational experience during each performance is guaranteed by the use of the newest technologies, like projection mapping and augmented reality
Professional dancer Timor Steffens takes care of all choreographies. The winner of the dancing competition gets to donate €100,000 to a charity of their choice. The show is presented by Chantal Janzen and Jandino Asporaat.

Nightlife in the semi-finals

In the semi-finals of the show, Nightlife Productions delivered a High-speed Roll-Up Screen for the solo dance performance of Ferry Doelens on Michael Jackson’s Rock My World.

The screen is typically used for video projections. Through the creative use of backlight, Ferry’s silhouette becomes visible. This allows for a very visible, detailed choreography.

Together with Talpa, we managed to achieve the desired results.

The see-through projection screen has a size of 5.85m x 3.29m and rolls up with a speed of 30cm per second. Are you interested in this product? Please contact us!